The RUSTIK Consortium is proud to collaborate with other projects to achieve a higher impact on rural communities’ actors and policymakers to design better strategies, initiatives, and policies fostering sustainability transitions in rural areas.

The projects related to RUSTIK are listed below.

Departing from an updated conceptualisation of rurality based on the multi-dimensional nature of contemporary rural-urban interrelations and interdependencies, GRANULAR will generate new insights for characterising rural diversity based on a multi-actor and interdisciplinary approach. Based on insights from Multi-Actor Labs, it will generate novel datasets using a wide range of methods and primary data, such as remote sensing, crowd-sourced data, mobile phone data and web-scraping.

The EIP-AGRI Network that currently links and enhances communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in using the available EU Horizon 2020 and CAP rural development funds for supporting innovation in agriculture, forestry and the broader rural economy.